Innovative HVAC Sales Tools: Learn How to Entertain, Educate & Engage Your Clients

 Duct Cleaning Sales Video

Make your duct cleaner competitors irrelevant
while you entertain, educate, and engage your
clients at the same time.

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Entertain, Educate, & Engage
Video is a great way to engage and educate
consumers today. It's relational, helping connect with
customers experientially and emotionally

Video Marketing
We offer a variety of videos for cable commercials and marketing. please preview our library to see what
fits the personality and focus of your company! 

Pricing & Ordering
Check out the pricing options for our videos and see the special promotional rates on our new Duct Cleaning whiteboard commercial!

Preview Online-Access Productions featured videos for your marketing needsTake a look at some of our other Cable Commercial Options

Arzel Zoning Commercials
formats: web, cable tv
use: year round

Duct Cleaning:
3 Brutal Reasons

format: web, cable tv / use: year round

Furnace Tune-up:
Qualified Contractor
format: cable tv / use: fall > winter

Joe McDermott
Mechanical Crimes Unit
format: cable tv  / use: fall > winter

Arzel Zoning
Educational Video
format: web / use: year round

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When it comes to danger, discomfort, high energy bills or frustration resulting from sub par work, who can't relate? We contractors are homeowners, too! But, because we're contractors, we also know how to avoid or solve common industry problems that many homeowners have grudgingly accepted as normal for their home. Helping prospects to identify with common problems and to anticipate the relief from these issues and concerns makes video the perfect medium for promoting things like zoning, duct cleaning, furnace maintenance and the importance of choosing a reputable company.

Video can demonstrate problems and solutions in an a fast, effortless and even entertaining way. And, with many adults today preferring watching to reading, video is a user-friendly way to communicate your message. Using these strengths, Online-Access has developed memorable, informative spots for contractors to market select products and services to the communities they serve.
Our professionally produced, reasonably priced spots can be seamlessly customized with your company's name, logo and contact information. And, most can be used in more than one medium, helping make the most of your marketing investment.

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